Virtual Valuations

Introducing Virtual Valuations!

Virtual Valuations

Due to the later episode of COVID-19, we are doing all we will to assist halt the spread of this virus. To keep our staff and clients secure, we are presenting a other way of esteeming.

Ready to conduct a full valuation of your property through video call, at a time and date to suit you, where our valuers can take a see around your property and donate you an exact valuation avoiding any delays in getting your property on the showcase.

To book a Virtual Valuation, basically visit our location and fill within the required details. Click Here :

Our group will at that point contact you to affirm your arrangement and allow you the choice of a virtual or drive by valuation. Vedio Call

On the day of the valuation, you may get an e-mail with informational on how to connect the video call. Once on the video call, our valuer will require you to grant them a visit of the property, they will at that point examine a cost.

We can conduct a full valuation of your property from :

  • Download the Zoom mobile app from the App store for iPhone users, or Google Play Store for android users.
  • Click ‘Join a meeting’ if you want to join without signing in.
  • Alternatively you can sign in and click ‘Join’.
  • Enter the meeting ID number and your chosen display name.
  • Select ‘connect audio and/or video and select ‘Join’.

  • Download Skype from the App store if you are an iPhone user or Google Play store for android users
  • Create a free account.
  • Sign in with your chosen username and password.
  • To join a video call a notification will appear on your home page, simply click the ‘blue tick icon’ to join the Skype video call.

  • Simply tap the notification that will appear from your home screen or lock screen, then tap the video icon.
  • You will then be automatically entered into the FaceTime video call.

  • Download the Whatsapp from the App store for iPhone users.
  • Create a free account with you Mobile No.