Guaranteed rent scheme introduced by us at Heaven Estate, is a service that makes the process of renting out properties easier for landlords and property owners. Renting out properties is not an easy task, and so is finding the right tenant for your property. The guaranteed rent scheme allows landlords and property owners the freedom to sublet their property to us, following which we help them find the right tenants for their properties. Means, we become their tenant for the entire period of the contract that we sign with them. The scheme also allows the landlords to check the performance of the property agents in particular areas, and also what fees they have to pay for their service. It helps them in selecting the right agent for sub-letting.


Guaranteed Rent North Woolwich


If you are looking for guaranteed rent in Wallend, Mills Meads, North Woolwich and Cyprus, then you can contact our representatives without any hesitation. We are here to help you with the right solution when you plan to rent out your properties. You will need to sign an agreement of sub-letting with us to start. Once we have signed the contract, we become the sole authority to decide whom to let your property and whom to not. The contract for sub-letting is between 1 and 5 years, depending on the need.

The guaranteed rent scheme allows flexibility to the landlords, and also ensure a hassle-free letting-out of properties. Landlords are assured a guaranteed rental income on their property for the duration of the contract they sign with us. We ensure they are paid on time, every month. At Heaven Estate, we take all the risk linked with the process, so you do not need to get worried about rent arrears or eviction expenses. We also do regular property inspections, repair and maintenance management to keep your property in the best of conditions and ensure there is no damage of assets in the entire contract period.