Guaranteed rent scheme offered by us at Heaven Estate, is a service offered to landlords, to make their renting-out properties much easier. With this scheme landlords or property owners can feel far more comfortable as it removes all the hassles of renting out. The guaranteed rent scheme permits landlords and property owners to sublet their property to us. After the property is sublet, we at Heaven Estate help them find the right tenants at right prices for their properties. That means we become their tenant for the entire contract period that we sign with them.

Guaranteed Rent Haringey

Through this scheme, landlords also get an opportunity to check the performance of the property agents in areas of their choice, it can be any particular area where they have property. Additionally, they also come to about the fees that they have to pay for their service. It also helps them find the right property agent for sub-letting.

If you are searching for guaranteed rent in Haringey, Enfield and West Ham, then you can reach out to our representatives without any doubt. At Heaven Estate, we help you with the right property renting-out solution whenever you want. All you will need to do, sign a contract with us to initiate the process. Once the contract is signed, we become the sole authority to make decisions on whom to let your property to and whom to not. The contract period of between 1 to 5 years, depending on the need you discuss with us.

The guaranteed rent scheme makes the entire process of sub-letting easy and hassle-free, allowing complete flexibility to the landlords. A guaranteed rental income is assured to the landlords on their property. This for the duration of the contract we have with landlords or property owners. We ensure they get their payments on time every month At Heaven Estate, we take all the risks and responsibilities associated with the renting, so there is no need to be worried about renting issue, be it even for eviction expenses. We also make sure that your property is kept in the best condition. So, we do regular property inspections, repair and maintenance.