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Selhurst is a London suburb in the borough of Croydon. It is a small area just south of Crystal Palace and sits in between South Norwood, Croydon, and Thornton Heath. Selhurst is probably most famous for being home to London’s Crystal Palace Football Club who have their ground at Selhurst Park.(Estate agents in Selhurst-Guaranteed rent in Selhurst)

Selhurst is best described as a commuter town but has a legacy of notable residents in its history. The area around Selhurst Station was once in the ownership of Henry VII. Later illustrious connections include Sir Arthur Conan Doyle of Sherlock Holmes fame who has a blue plaque in Tennison Road and the poet, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor.

In more recent times, stars still shine bright in Selhurst as Selhurst High Street is the location of the BRIT school for performing arts which has given birth to talent including Adele, Amy Winehouse and Jessie J.

Property Types and Demographics in Selhurst

Selhurst is popular with first-time buyers because properties are affordable and a short commute into London makes it accessible for both work and leisure. You can buy so much more for your money in Selhurst which is probably why it is also a hit with young families who need more space.

There are a range of properties available, flats, maisonettes, semi-detached and some detached houses spanning a variety of ages and styles from Victorian through to new builds.

The average house price in Selhurst is currently £337,000 and prices have shown a modest increase since last year of just over 5% so it is clearly an area where pricing is still affordable, and budgets will stretch further. The average rental cost per week is a very attractive £271 – around half the rate for Central London. Selhurst is certainly the most economical of all the Croydon boroughs when it comes to both purchase and rental.(Estate agents in Selhurst-Guaranteed rent in Selhurst)

Schools and Colleges in Selhurst

Selhurst is a small suburb with three primary schools. There is plenty of pre-school provision including a Montessori Nursery School in the High Street. For secondary education, there are a wealth of good schools in the other Croydon boroughs which cluster all around Selhurst.  There are plans afoot to create an academy specialising in both sports and performing arts with links to the BRIT school and Crystal Palace Football Club, but these are still awaiting approval.

 Shopping Facilities, Restaurants and Leisure in Selhurst

You can find a mix of High Street shops in Selhurst alongside some more old-fashioned offerings including a sewing shop and a hardware store. There is also an independent butcher and a small Londis supermarket.

There is a mix of bistros, cafes and restaurants serving food ranging from British to Indian and Thai alongside public houses. The Shelverdine Goathouse is hailed as one of the most popular pubs in the area.

Crystal Palace Football Club has to be one of the biggest attractions located at Selhurst Park. Selhurst’s location just seven miles from Central London offers easy access to all the major attractions or you can head further into the different boroughs that Croydon has to offer.(Estate agents in Selhurst-Guaranteed rent in Selhurst)

Heavers Meadow offers green space and peace and quiet away from the matchday roars of Crystal Palace Football Club. Located near Selhurst Station, with Norbury Brook on one side, this is a peaceful walk through meadowlands with graceful weeping willows and even willow weaving sessions for the keen basket maker. If more green space is your desire, then enjoy South Norwood Country Park and South Norwood Lakes both within easy reach, and a popular destination for anglers and sailors – Croydon Sailing Club is based at the Lakes.

Transport Connections from Selhurst

Selhurst Railway Station is operated by Southern, which also provides almost all the train services. The station is in Travelcard Zone 4 with an annual travelcard costing £2076.

It takes just 30 minutes to arrive at London Victoria and costs between £5 and £9 or just under 40 minutes if you are heading for London Bridge.

If you travel from Norwood Junction, then you can cut the journey time to London Bridge down to an impressive 12 minutes. Travelling in the other direction away from London, there are services to Caterham, East, West and South Croydon, Sutton and Epsom plus a link to Milton Keynes.

Selhurst is also served by the 468 bus which costs £2 and takes 1 hour and 13 minutes.

Selhurst is often overlooked in favour of more high-profile areas of Croydon but only because it is a small borough and frequently overshadowed by its noisier neighbours. Selhurst in fact combines the benefit of some of the best-priced housing with that essential, quick commute into London.  You can enjoy all the amenities and benefits that Croydon has to offer all around you without having to pay the higher purchase or rental costs of some of the other boroughs which are demonstrating some serious growth in house prices.(Estate agents in Selhurst-Guaranteed rent in Selhurst)

Savvy investors will appreciate the possibilities that impending gentrification has to offer as house prices rise higher in the adjacent boroughs and buyers start to look slightly further afield for more affordable housing.

There is considerable investment being pumped into Croydon which has an impact on all areas of the borough including Selhurst.

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